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    Perfecting Jackets

    By PCS 8 años ago

    Press-room Consumables | Impression | Perfecting Jackets


    The DURAPRESS range of Impression Cylinder Perfecting Jackets are produced making use of the very latest technology to manufacture a “refined” Impression Cylinder Jacket suitable of use with all leading press makes.


    DURAPRESS Transfer & Perfecting Jackets

    Replacement Impression Cylinder Jackets made to OEM specifications to enable perfect print perfecting on multicolour presses. The hard wearing and efficient ink repelling surface enables Perfecting presses to print on both sides of the sheet in one print run.

    • Specialised replacement Jackets for both Impression and Transfer Cylinders of offset printing presses
    • The latest Ceramic production technology provides a Jacket with a strong, hard wearing and efficient ink repelling surface
    • Transfer Jackets are an effective & durable anti-marking solution for Transfer Cylinders
    • Transfer Jackets available for the full range of the OEM Heidelberg press range, but special production is also available for other press makes and non-standard thicknesses
    • Perfecting Jackets are produced in the full range of OEM thicknesses to match exactly the undercut on the Impression Cylinder which provides a durable & long lasting ink repellent surface

    Impression Cylinder Jackets for Litho Print Perfecting are available for the ranges of

    • Heidelberg,
    • Akiyama,
    • Fuji Shinohara,
    • KBA, Komori,
    • Mitsubishi,
    • Roland
    • Ryobi presses

    For the Heidelberg press range the exact thickness of the jacket can be verified by providing detail of the original HDM part number. The thickness detail can also be found at the lead edge Impression Cylinder on the drive side.


    Ceramic technology provides a jacket with strong, hard wearing and efficient ink repelling surface.
    Full range of thicknesses available to within 10 microns tolerance to match exactly the undercut on the Impression Cylinder.
    Specially developed packaging that protects the product between manufacture, stocking, transport and installation.
    Strong, high QUALITY and low tolerance of the jacket’s metal base and assists engineer upon installation to the press.
    Large format Heidelberg models such as SM102 can be provided with fixing aids for installation of the Perfecting Jacket.
    They are Loctite and Silicone Rubber.
    These components together with the use of the special tool for fitting, by a qualified engineer, are required in order to validate the warranty which commences from date of safe installation.


    Large stock is available for range of Heidelberg and Komori press models in popular thicknesses.
    Advanced and flexible production means that special sizes and thicknesses can be made to order to suit requirements, in low volume and still at a competitive price.

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