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    PCS join Eco-friendly print production

    By admin_blog 5 años ago

    Like all manufacturers of print consumables, some of the PCS product families are made from plastic materials. But here is where we are making a difference. From 2016, PCS have heavily invested and implemented into the new EU Circular Economy – 100% Eco-Friendly Production Philosophy. It means our plastic waste (plastic and other materials) is being used to produce recycled plastic resins for the production of other commercial and retail goods, and ensures our manufacturing processes do not dispose any plastic to the environment in an aim to reduce our footprint and impact on the planet. As proof of this we are marking our production with the new CEco Circular Economy logo.



    Our top seller for example, Cutting Sticks, are used by all printers, whether they are offset or digital. We are proud PCS Cutting Sticks are made according to an eco-friendly production policy.

    Planet Earth and similar documentaries showed the devastating impact of plastic waste on the global environment. In order to meet our environmental commitment, we will meet all necessary legislative and regulatory requirements which relate us, keeping informed of environmental issues and, in particular, those which are of direct relevance to our business.

    We will continue to promote the use of recycled paper and sustainable papers, and where possible, create a purchasing policy by selecting green printing materials and services which are more eco-friendly.

    PCS aim to ensure our business operations and products are as environmentally-friendly as possible, and be one of the leading eco-friendly printing companies in Europe. By working with us, whether as a distributor or customer, you can join us in making a difference.

    Header photo – National Geographic



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